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Vehicle user:

The vehicle you are renting can only be used by the contract and the person / person on the delivery form.
No insurance guarantees apply to any damage that may occur to third parties if the third person, who is not mentioned in the documents mentioned, uses the vehicle.

You can contact our branches to add the vehicle user.
Up to 2 additional drives can be defined as a drive. The age and driver's license conditions applicable to vehicle groups also apply to additional drivers.

Fuel :
You have to deliver the vehicle at the fuel level you received.

If you return with Missing Fuel, you will be charged with fuel cost and service cost.
If the fuel is overfilled, the charge is not made.

Return to Different Branches:
It is possible to return your vehicle to a different branch from the one you rented. In this case, one way fee is charged.


The fuses of our vehicles are not valid abroad. You can contact our branches to obtain the necessary permits and guarantees.

Rental Period:

Our vehicles are charged at least 24 hours per day, 30 days per month.

Extension of time :

If you want to use the vehicle for a longer period than the date specified in the contract, you must contact our branches and extend the rental period.
If the vehicle is brought late without extending the time, the late fees are collected at a rate of 100%.

Time Abbreviation:
If you request to return the vehicle earlier than the date specified in the contract, you will need to shorten the rental period by contacting our branches.
In case of abbreviation, the reservation is canceled according to the cancellation and amendment rules.

No Show:
Your car is 60 minutes from the delivery time indicated on your reservation. throughout our branches.
If the vehicle is not delivered within the specified time, the vehicle will not be guaranteed.
In case of possible delay, you can make your payment by contacting our branches in order not to lose your vehicle warranty.
Your reservation in the No Show case will be canceled without refund at the end of 4 hours even if payment is made.

Insurance and Securities:

Our insurance coverage may vary in our prices and campaigns.
Against any damage that may occur, your vehicle is 100% insured.
The additional collateral that you may receive in addition to your existing collateral is summarized below.

Small damage assurance: Provides repair of your unilateral damage up to 1000 TL by declaration without official report / report.

Personal Accident Insurance: The driver and the people in the vehicle are covered by a limit of 5000 TL.

Increased liability insurance: Provides additional protection of TL 100.000 over third party insurance against traffic insurances in the event of any damage.

360 ° assurance package: Smallest damage, personal accident, the largest guarantee package that includes all of the increased financial liability guarantees.

Additional products and services:

Our additional products and services we offer for you to use your vehicle more comfortably are summarized below.

You can get information from our branches for fee and reservation.

Roof rack,

Child seat,


Adrese delivery and return,

Young driver service,

Additional driver service

Important warning !

In case of any damages, you must notify your traffic police or traffic gendarme teams without moving your vehicle from the accident site in order for your insurance to be valid and you need to get an accident report and an alcohol report.

In the case of traffic accidents involving more than one vehicle resulting only in property damage, "accidentally damaged property identification log" may be issued if the accidents are understood by the way the accident occurred.

If the vehicle is stolen, a copy of the theft detection notice should be obtained by applying to the police. Along with the report, the vehicle's key must be delivered to us.

Age and driver's license conditions:
The minimum age and driver's license information per vehicle group is shown on the vehicle booking page.

It is the user's responsibility to check that these conditions are met.

Vehicle mileage limits:
Daily and monthly rental mileage limits for vehicle groups are shown on the vehicle booking page.

Over the specified mileage, the current mileage rate is charged.

Unlimited mileage limit for daily rentals, maximum per agreement, monthly
 mileage limit.

Collateral Fee:
The collateral amounts determined according to the vehicle groups other than the vehicle rental fee are collected from your credit card.
If the vehicle is delivered completely and undamaged, the guarantee will be fully returned within 7 days at the latest.

You must be able to submit a registered credit card during your rental so that you can rent it. It is not possible to use a car rental service with a credit card that is not on behalf of the lessor.

During the rental, the person rented

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